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Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Pele vs Ronaldo at 30,000 feet!

Right. Here we are, stuck in a confined space, unable to leave for hours, faced with a conundrum that would surely baffle the most sure-footed of football masterminds.

Yes, we're cruising above the clouds in a luxury Emirates A380, comfortably seated in the plane's on-board lounge, looking right at Portuguese captain Cristiano Ronaldo and Brazilian legend Pelé.

The question? Who comes out on top in your list of best ever players, and moreover, who would be your first port of call for a photo and autograph?

As part of Emirates' new initiative, I have produced four separate articles on Ronaldo's sky-high battle with Pele. Check out the trio here:

Who do you think is the best player ever?

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